6 Days to Create a Siesmic Shift in Your Personal & Professional Development With Hypnosis & NLP

To grow and develop you need to be inspired, a flower does not grow in concrete.

About The NLP Practitioner Course

[ 2 Internationally Recognised Certificates in One Course ]

The Force Multiplier in Personal Development Whether you are just getting started in your personal development OR have been chipping away for a few years… this course will give you the knowledge, skills and expertise you need to make immense changes in your life… and the lives of the people around you.

✅Multiply your confidence, smash your goals and experience more growth than you thought possible.  

✅Develop your inner dialogue and personal strategies with the techniques that the top coaches such as Tony Robbins, Dan Sullivan, Brendan Bouchard and many more, employ.

✅Obtain a working understanding of personal hypnotherapy and suggestive language techniques and learn how to apply them daily.

"We believe that the learning environment radically shapes the experience of our delegates, this is why we created our Academy at Lilleshal Abbey. It wasn't enough to provide a room train in, we wanted to provide a room to be inspired in!"

Revolutionising NLP Training Cut a long story short, I considered all the things I would have wanted in my training and surveyed 100’s of the NLP students and set about creating the very best NLP Training courses at the greatest value for money. IN FACT, you can expect to save in excess of £1500.00 on your course price, but also dramatically increase your understanding of the course material – before, during and after the course itself.  

Sound good?

Why Train With Phil Quirk & Pro-Noctis

SAVE in excess of £1500.00 on your course price Dramatically increase your understanding of the course material with fully submersive and highly interactive delivery Sharpen your saw before, during and long after the course On this page, you will discover HOW we deliver the most immersive, interactive and cost effective NLP Training in the UK and how you can save ££££ on your course costs. That is to say that training of a comparable standard and depth would require twice the investment.  

But What Will I Learn? The NLP Practitioners course will give you a solid foundation of advance communication strategies, help you understand what, why and how people do the negative things we do, but more importantly you will discover how to get yourself out of a rut and start making rapid progress in every facet of your life. You can request a detailed breakdown of the training days by messaging now, but imagine these examples...

Are you scared of public speaking? 

Imagine eradicating that fear in less than 2 mins!

Lack confidence? 

Double your confidence with one simple strategy

Want that promotion, but not sure you are worth it yet? 

Drammatically increase self-worth and self-esteem without months of therapy

Want to help others of launch a life coaching career, but not sure where to start?

Everything you learn on the NLP Practitioner course can easily be used to help others.

2 Internationally Recognised Certificates in one Course

Once complete, you will graduate with two internationally recognised certificates:

ABNLP Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapy Practitioners Certificate

NLP Practitioner Course: 3-10 March - Barcelona


All-Inclusive, Fully-Immersive Training in Luxury Spanish Villa

Course Details

Date - 3-10 March

Location - Barcelona

Availability - 14 - Just 5 Places Remaining

As an added bonus, your NLP Practitioner training will take place in our 5* luxury villa. No stuffy classrooms or additional costs. 

A Typical Day in the Villa  

7.00am - Imagine waking up to a warm Medditarian sunrise. Before breakfast you can relax in your luxury room, enjoy a swim in the pool or practice some mindfulness in the shared area.  

7.30am Breakfast - Breakfast is served outside next to the pool where the aspirant NLP Practitioner's discuss the learnings from the previous day.  

8.00am - Pre Learning - Each day before the course starts we spend time preparing the mind to learn. This will involve looking at the Wim Hof breathing method and mindfulness to ensure each student is ready for the day.  

9.00am - Morning Session - The course starts with the days metaphors delivered by our lead trainer Phil Quirk. The sylabus for the day will change each day from language models to techniques and practical activites. Discussions around modelling and utilising conversational change within coaching create an opportunity to explore these topics with the group.  

12.00pm Lunch - A break for lunch offers an opportunity to walk in the 3000sq ft grounds of Masia Victoria Villa. Throughout the week the food will, when possible, mirror a tradditional Medditernian diet.  

1.30pm - 5.30pm - Afternoon Session - During the afternoon Phil's attention turns to teaching hypnosis and exploring it's development and history. A great deal of time is invested in the Practitioner course in developing the sudents understanding of Language.  

6pm - Dinner - For the evening meal today the students are enjoing either a fresh sea food rissotto or mushroom rissotto for the vegetarians.  

8pm - 9pm - When requested Phil will provide eveining sessions to ensure the deleagtes fully understand the days content or wish to revisit elements of their Practitioner course.  

Otherwise this is time to relax with a cold beer or glass of wonderful Spanish red wine...

Over 80 Reviews On Our Facebook Page - ALL 5*!!!

“For me learning NLP with Phil was about leveraging my own mind to return the best results possible. I've since completed the Marathon Des Sables, The Jungle Ultra in the Amazon rain forest, wrote 2 books and propelled my businesses beyond the next level. A huge component of this success has been learning how to get the most out of my own mind with NLP. This programme was, without doubt, the defining point in my uderstanding of how the mind works”

Craig Williams - Owner & Founder of TEAM Bootcamp & Positive Retreats 

“I have always apppreciated the importance of minsdet when coaching at the pinnacle of sport. Because of this I spend a great deal of time researching who I want to invest my money in my own development in this area. Fortunately I was introduced to Phil by a friend who attended his course - since then I've never looked back. If you're considering learning NLP then the only people to go with are Phil and his Pro-Noctis team from start to finish”

Ric Moylan - Coach to x 5 World Boxing Champions

Are You Ready To Become a Fully Certified NLP Practitioner?

Reminder: Only 14 5 places available!

You Probably Have a Couple Of Questions?

What are the course dates?

The course runs from Monday 4th March, till Saturday 9th March 2019, we advise students to arrange travel on Sunday 3rd and return on Sunday 10th and the Villa will be available for this duration. 

Will I get my own room?

Our Villa in Sitges as 14 double bedrooms with on suite bathrooms. Each room is incredibly beautiful with stunning individuality - so yes your room will be entirely yours. (Twin / Double room is available on request) 

Will I need to buy food?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be provided in the Villa. There will be a certain amount of mutual support in mainting the cleanliness of the Villa throughout the week, in return for this we will provide some wine with each evening meal. 

How will I get to and from the airport? 

The Villa is easily accessed from Barcelona. A bus runs frequently from Barcelona Airport to Sitges for around €5. A taxi costs around €60 but often delegates meet at the aiport and share taxis.

Are my flights included?

No, unfortunetly to keep the cost of the course reasonable we will not be providing flights. 

When will I recieve my delegate folders?

Delegates within the UK will recieve their deleagte folders and books prior to the course. Delegates travelling from within the EU will recieve their folders & books on Day 1 of the course.

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