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Novice to 3 x NLP Practitioner Certificates in 6 Days With ZERO Hidden Costs

Whether you are just getting started in coaching OR have been coaching for a few years… this course will give you the knowledge, skills and expertise you need to make immense changes in people’s lives… including your own!

  • Multiply your confidence in getting results and creating change in people’s lives.
  • Develop the techniques and strategies of the top coaches such as Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Brendan Bouchard and many more.
  • Obtain a working understanding of hypnotherapy techniques and how to integrate them into your coaching & mentoring sessions.

About Your Training

Dear Coach (or future coach),
I completely understand why you have chosen to learn more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have used these highly-effective techniques to coach 1000’s of people so they can work out what they want, discover how they can achieve it and help them take the steps required.

Rooms Optimized for Learning & No Hidden Costs… 
Just a few short years ago, I decided I wanted to transform the way that NLP Training was done… It used to look like this:

  • You pay ££££’s for your course
  • You then pay £££ in additional, associated costs such as food, accommodation, parking and transport
  • You train and learn in a stuffy hotel conference room, flustered, having raced across town, sitting in hard back chairs as your attention wanes a little more as the trainer talks through hundreds of agonising slides…

I knew there had to be another way of doing this…

Revolutionizing Coaching Training

Cut a long story short, I considered all the things I would have wanted in my training and surveyed 100’s of the life coaches and NLP Practitioners and set about creating the very best Coach Training courses I could at the very best value for money. IN FACT, you can expect to save in excess of £1500.00 on your course price, but also completely submerge yourself in the course.

That way, you dramatically increase not only your understanding of the course material but also enhance your ability to use it!

Sound good? 

  • SAVE in excess of £1500.00 of unexpected & hidden fees with a fully-inclusive learning experience
  • Dramatically increase your understanding of the course material with immersive learning and highly interactive delivery
  • Deepen your comprehension before, during and long after the course with our expanding bank of online NLP learning resources

On this page, you will discover HOW we deliver the most immersive, interactive and cost-effective NLP & Coach Training in the UK and how you can save ££££’s on your qualification costs.

That is to say that training of a comparable standard and depth would require twice the investment.

But What Will I Learn?

The NLP Practitioners course will give you a solid foundation of advanced communication strategies, help you understand what & why people do the negative things they do, but more importantly, you will discover how to get yourself and your clients out of their rut and rapidly making progress in every facet of their lives.

On successful completion of the course, your will receive the following certificates.

  • ABNLP Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioners Certificate

You can see a detailed breakdown of the course modules below.

“There is no such thing as reality, only our perception of it.”

– Becky Mallory



  • Class Introductions
  • What is NLP
  • Experiencing NLP
  • Introduction association/disassociation from negative emotions
  • Introduction to re­-coding the mind and changing thoughts
  • Technique for increasing learning, memory, information retention
  • NLP Model of communication: sensory experience, coding, emotions, representations, behavior
  • Levels of learning – understanding how the brain learns Components of experience – emotion, body, mind
  • History and origins of NLP
  • Introduction to the Milton Model


  • Presuppositions of NLP and coaching – basic rules, beliefs and understanding
  • Sensory acuity – discovery and enhancement of visual, auditory, kinesthetic preferences
  • Rapport – developing powerful connections with others
  • Rapport – persuade others to trust you
  • Mirroring and matching – non-­-verbal communication to build rapport
  • Pacing and leading – leading people in other (better) directions
  • Milton Erickson techniques


  • Representational systems and predicates – using language for rapport
  • Representational systems and predicates – language to persuade, inspire, increase understanding
  • Chunking – using high level and low level communication
  • Introduction to language patterns / metaphor
  • Creating stories through metaphor / language patterns
  • Introduction to state elicitation Perceptual positions – looking at situations from different perspectives
  • Perceptual positions – self, other, observer positions Utilizing perceptual positions in coaching


  • State elicitation -­ creating and managing emotional states of others
  • Anchoring -­ learning to press other peoples and your own buttons
  • Understanding stimulus and response
  • Circle of Excellence – coaching technique to generate a feeling of excellence and being highly capable
  • Circles of Positive Emotion – coaching technique to generate any positive emotion
  • Integrating anchors – turning a negative emotion about a specific situation into a positive emotion Changing personal history – changing emotions of a past troublesome experience


  • TOTE – Eye Accessing to uncover faulty thinking strategies
  • Strategies for learning, spelling, deciding, buying, selling, losing weight
    Strategies general
  • Milton Erickson techniques / inducing relaxation to perform NLP
  • Ericksonion techniques
  • Submodalities – Subjective experience and coding of the brain
  • Submodalities – How mind affects emotion
  • Submodalities – Learning how to run your own mind and emotions
  • Submodalities – Coaching others to run their own mind and emotions


  • Mapping across – Changing coding of the brain to turn negative emotions in to positive
  • Mapping across – Unresourceful states to resourceful states
  • Fear vs phobia – Understanding fears and phobias
  • Resolving fears – Overriding fear with neutral or positive emotion
  • Fast phobia cure – Neutralizing emotions to resolve phobias
  • Trauma relief procedure – Neutralizing emotions to relief trauma
  • SWISH – Changing habits and automated responses
  • SWISH – Resolving habits like: nail biting, smoking, addiction, etc.
  • SWISH for motivation Parts work introduction & pattern and change work
  • Working with beliefs
  • Certification & wrap-­-up



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On first hearing about NLP I was like many people a little skeptical about some of its far reaching claims. After my week long practitioner course at Lilleshall with Phill Quirk and he’s team I am well and truly sold. The benefits in every area of my life are literally to numerous to mention. The only downside being that I wish I had found this during my sporting career . I would challenge anybody to take this course then think of a reason not to take this course. (Cartesian Logic) You’ll get the in joke on day 3 or 4 of the course if I remember correctly. I literally really feel re programed refreshed recharged and ready to be a better version of the person i was before I took the course. NLP is a difference maker trust me.

Martin Offiah M.B.E

I attended the course last week with a group of fantastic people, it was an enlightening from the beginning to the very end. Delivered to a exceptional standard buy Phil Q and Andy, Lilleshall is the best environment for an amazing journey. Phil Q, you have delivered the course with 120% and inspired me with stories and engaging delivery.

Stuart Smith

I have recently attended this training and would highly recommend it! Phil is knowledgeable , experienced and enthusiastic , the setting is idilic and the organisation is extremely professional! This is one of the most profoundly life changing training I have experienced and would not hesitate to encourage anyone to attend for personal and professional development!

Paula Chorley

Wow, what a journey! Fantastically interesting course. You will learn so much about yourself & a big one for me, about other peoples view on the world! Has inspired me to learn again! Intelligent, charismatic & interesting instructors. Many thanks for a fantastic 5 days of opening my mind! Now to go into the world to help myself & hopefully others!

Hannah Mary Harvey

The English language and the medium of facebook can not do justice when it comes to explaining the week I had at Lilleshall on the NLP course with Phillip Quirk. I went on an incredible journey and had my mind opened, each day was packed full of knowledge, Everything from the accomadation to the course content had me captivated. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone attend this course. I will never forget what I learnt that week!!!

Lorne Empson

I undertook the Pro-Noctis course when i was introduced to NLP about 8 months ago. Although i was interested in NLP i had no idea where to start. There was so much information available that i just got confused with it all. The Pro-Noctis course gave me a clear introduction into what NLP is and how i can utilise it in my life. I will certainly be using this company for future courses and would recommend it to anyone interested in NLP.

Chris Jones

I can’t recommend this course enough. I attended last week, met some incredibly inspirational people, and had an enormous amount of fun. Lilleshall is stunning and the immersive training is very effective, really helping you to get to grips with the course material and way of thinking. Phil is an absolutely brilliant teacher, and I feel like I’ve left with so much more than I expected.

Nicki Hills



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The NLP Academy Lilleshall is an unrivalled NLP training location that creates an optimum learning environment. Set in spectacular and secluded surroundings, Lilleshall is the UK’s National Sports & Conferencing Centre and the centre of excellence for the country’s leading sportsmen and women.

  • Incredible learning environment
  • All inclusive of food & accommodation
  • Fully immersive

Our mission is to provide a ‘World Class Experience’, where every effort is made to ensure our delegates are valued and their satisfaction of learning NLP with HBP is second to none.

The unique “Full Board / All Inclusive” eradicates the time, money and hassle to pay for separate hotels and restaurants so you are able to concentrate on preparing for the course and committing to your personal development journey immediately.

Our vision has always been to provide the best NLP training in the world, delivered through an immersion training experience and in the most inspiring location imaginable – with Lilleshall we have this. We look forward to welcoming you to Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre where you will experience the most cutting edge, forward thinking NLP course in the world.

Lilleshall National Sport and Conferencing Centre is a venue that can add real impact to any educational experience. As home to some of the UK’s top sports stars, the inspirational setting is sure to provide you with an NLP course unrivalled in the UK. Whether its enjoying morning strolls in the magnificent Lilleshall gardens with fellow course members discussing the techniques learnt, attending an inspiring evening presentation or relaxing in the historic bar, your immersive training experience will leave you with treasured memories of our NLP training –  the Pro-Noctis way!


  • Over 150 successful NLP & life coach practitioners qualify each year
  • UK Small Business Awards finalist 2016
  • Fastest growing NLP Provider in the UK


Ever since I can remember I, perhaps like you, have been interested in what makes people ‘tick’. I have always found it fascinating that a person can feel able to conquer the world one day and then be unable to get out of bed the next? You may of even experienced that in yourself and wondered the same thing? My story is probably not too dissimilar to many others. I found learning in school difficult because I spent most days looking out of the window wanting to be somewhere else. I enjoyed all sports but excelled at none.

When the time came for me to cover my shirt in signatures, play some final practical jokes and then venture out of the school gates one last time to go on and make my millions – probably sound familiar? The only problem was, I had no idea what to do? In my haste to escape the claustrophobic order of school I’d made my first, and definitely not last, big mistake in life – I hadn’t made a plan!! I suspect I’m not the only person to tread this path and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to imagine my next few years drifting from menial job to menial job.My motivation was low and the life I lead now was not even a visionary dream, I was in one of life’s ‘ruts’. The wonderful quality of human beings, however, is that if you really want things to be different you have the resources inside to change your world, and that change can be instant.



£200 Deposit Secures Your Booking Today

Rest assured that we are an etihical company & will refund 100% of your investment if you are not 100% happy with your results.





The course is a 6 day event split over to parts.
– Fri 20th-Wed 26th sept 2019




Pre-Course Work

A limited amount of pre-course learning is expected and supplied as part of your course booking.

Delegates are to complete a short open book Q & A to demonstrate a basic understanding of NLP.


Event Times

09:00 – 16:00 Daily

Lunch, Snack & Refreshment Breaks Throughout.

Class Size

Groups are approx. 8-12 in number.